Jerry Palermo, Secretary

 Jerry is a person most would call a PHD –  poor, hungry, and driven. He has a passion for  business and is dedicated to innovation and  making a difference. He is not afraid to take  risks others might call him out on. He is  willing to teach, but also willing to learn from  others. He is professional, adaptable, future      focused, results driven, and if the box he is in  isn’t working out, he finds a new one or  creates his own.

Jerry has received several community service awards for his outstanding leadership efforts. Having served on the City of Toledo’s Board of Community Relations, The Catholic Diocesan’s Youth Council for Northwest Ohio, as Ambassador of Sustainable Policy for the Lucas County Board of Commissioners, and serving as an International Training & Development Manager for the U.S. Department of State, Jerry continues to use these experiences to give back to the community through his leadership and community service activities.

Jerry currently works at the Schmidt School of Professional Sales at the University of Toledo as the Academic & Outreach Coordinator, and serves as the President & CEO of the Palermo Foundation. Jerry is the author of a book titled “Leadership Overhaul”, available now at a bookstore near you.

When he’s not working, studying, or contributing to a cause, he enjoys traveling and meeting new people; so grab a cup of coffee and get to know him.