Rama Kannan, Membership Chair

  Ms. Rama Kannan is an award-winning  faculty member and mentor at Owens  Community College, Toledo. She has   distinguished herself as a visionary  educator who believes in the development  of her students not only as scholars    but  also as educators.

She has served as a fine ambassador  through her work with local and  international students who consider her a    mentor, friend, and advocate.  She created  the Institute of Management Accountants  Chapter at Owens Community  College, and  through her dedicated efforts a large  number of students have opportunities to engage with practitioners  in their field and to be placed in positions of their choice.  She serves as a Faculty Advisor to the Global Connections  Club at the Owens Community College and works closely with international students, enhancing their awareness and  understanding of national and international issues and events.

Ms. Kannan was selected to be part of the prestigious Owens Leadership Academy, Class of 2012. At the academy,  she embarked on a yearlong adventure of personal and professional growth. As a leadership project, Ms. Kannan and  her team organized ‘Diversity Day’ at Owens Community College. This initiative was very well received by campus and  city communities and served as a precedent for many more campus wide cultural diversity events.  Ever striving to  expand her own understanding of diversity, she was an active participant in the State of the State Conference on  Equity, Opportunity, and Diversity in Lima, Ohio.

Ms. Kannan has been a core member of the Owens International Education Week planning committee and plays an instrumental role in organizing International Education Week events.  As part of the week-long program, she delivered a presentation on the “Economy of India,” educating audiences about the rising economic power of India and the complex historical and cultural aspects of India

Currently serving as Assistant Professor in the School of Business and Program Coordinator for the Accounting Program at Owens Community College, and as Adjunct Faculty at Lourdes University, Ms. Kannan received her Bachelor of Accountancy degree at Bharathidasan University in Trichy, India and her Master of Accountancy degree at Bowling Green State University, Ohio.  She is an honorary inductee of Kappa Beta Delta, an International Honor Society.

Ms. Kannan can be reached at rkannan.wacnwo@gmail.com