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The World Affairs Council of North West Ohio brings the world to people.

We strive, through our programs, to educate the community and foster participation interest in international affairs, creating personal global connections. We do this through the following:


  • Education Programs
  • Speaker Programs
  • International Visitors
  • Professional Development
  • WACA National Network
  • Hosting Opportunities

Membership includes free/discounted admissions to many of our events and access to our local and national networks.


__ $15 for students (or free for 1 event of service)

__ $ 25 individual membership

__ $ 45 family membership

__ $ 100 and up for business/organizations


You can download the form here and then mail the completed form to:

World Affairs of North West Ohio

P.O. Box 193

Stony Ridge, OH, 43463

Please contact Richard Crepage, Treasurer for further details at