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The World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio

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World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio Timeline: Inception―Spring  2013

In the fall of 2010, two town hall meetings were held for people involved or interested in international education topics. The intent was to gauge the interest of promoting such activities in Northwest Ohio. By July of that year, the process had begun to formally apply for membership in the World Affairs Council of America. The number indicated to the left of the description coincides with the group hosting/participating in the event.

  1. WAC-NWO Events/Programs
  2. WAC-NWO Collaborative Events/Programs
  3. Conferences/Presentations
  4. Grant Applications/Support
  5. International Travel

July 2011: Vote To Join WACA (all)

(2) July 2011: Youth Exchange Support/Host Budapest, Hungary

(3) August 2011: Ohio Global Institute, Ohio University

(2) September 2011: Catholic-Muslim Dialog, Toledo

(3) September 2011: Ohio Council for Social Studies Annual Conference, Presentation “Advocating  for  International  Education,”  Columbus

(2) October 2011: Support for Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Owens Community College, Perrysburg

(1) November 2011: International Student Night, Perrysburg

(2) November 2011: Experience Tanzania, Lourdes University, Sylvania

(3) December  2011:    National  Council  for  Social  Studies,  “Dimensions  of   Diversity”  Washington  D.C.

(4) December 2011: Support for IDEI, Study of the U.S. Institute for Women Student Leaders, Tech Girls

(4) January 2012: Carnagie Corporation Understanding Muslim Societies

(1) February 2012: Fulbright Scholar-Ukraine Dinner/Presentation, Maumee

(2) February 2012: ACES Chinese Administrator Visit, Perrysburg

(2) March 2012: Kyrgyzstan Delegation, Open World Program, Six Member Local  Government  Delegation―Education  Issues  Dinner/Program, Perrysburg

(2) March 2012: Great Lakes Consortium, and U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of Education CulturalAffairs,  “Citizen  Legislative  Advocacy  in  Minority   Communities,”  16  Member  Delegation  from  Bulgaria,  Hungary,  Romania,  Slovakia

(2) March 2012: Toledo Sister Cities International, International Festival, Toledo

(2) March 2012: MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio, Erase The Hate, Sylvania

(1) April 2012: Training Panel Discussion, Court Appointed Special Advocates/ Guardian Ad Litum (CASA/GAL), International Issues on Child Abuse―With  ACES  and  Islamic  Center  of  Greater  Toledo,  Perrysburg

(1) May 2012: Culture Cruise―Dinner-Cruise with International Students and Community Guests, Sandpiper Boat Line, Toledo Ohio

(5) June-July  2012:  Program  Cultivation,  “Civic  Engagement  and  Service   Learning  for  Youth,”  Partnership  Exploration,  Hungary  and  Slovakia

(2) August 2012: Great Lakes Consortium, USAID, Community Connection Program, Nine Member Delegation from Ukraine, “Local Government Advocacy:Promoting Decentralization and Economic Growth,” Toledo, Columbus, Chicago

(4) August 2012: Support For IDEI, U.S. Dept. of State, IREX, Teaching Excellence and Achievement Grant–Awarded

(1) September 2012: Northwest Ohio International Student/Family Picnic and Fun Day, Maumee Bay State Park, Oregon

(2) October 2012: Owens Community College, International Student Week Essay Contest

(2) October 2012: Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, Interfaith Prayer Service

(2) October-November 2012: Great Lakes Consortium, and U.S. Dept. of State,Bureau  of  Education Cultural  Affairs,  “Citizen  Legislative  Advocacy  in   Minority  Communities,”  2nd, 16 Member Delegation from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia

(4) October 2012: Nomination for Young Professional Scholarship,WACA―Awarded

(4) November 2012: Support for IDEI, Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Summer Fellows Institute

(4) November 2012: Support for IDEI, Study of U.S. Institutions for Scholars and Secondary Educators

(3) November 2012: World Affairs Council of America, National Conference, Swedish Embassy Reception, Washington D.C.

(2) November 2012: Great Lakes Consortium, U.S. Department of State, “Professional  Fellows  Congress,”  Potomac  Cruise,  Washington  D.C.

(3) December 2012: National Council for Social Studies, Annual Conference, Roundtable Presentation International Assembly with BGSU, International Democratic Education Institute (IDEI), Seattle, Washington

(2) December 2012: Vote Supporting MultiFaith Compassionate Community Designation

(3) January 2013: World Affairs Council of Detroit, Networking Forum, Detroit, Michigan

(2) January-February 2013: American Cultural Exchange Service (ACES), Youth Ambassador Exchange, School Visit for Chinese Administrators, Perrysburg

(1) February 2013: Initiated Great Decisions Program

(4) February 2013: Carlson & the Carlson Family Foundation, World Affairs Council  of  America,  University  of  Toledo,    “Not  My  Life”  Human  Trafficking Grant–Awarded

(2) February-March 2013: IDEI, IREX, U.S. Dept. of State, Teaching Excellence and  Achievement  Program,  BGSU―Hosting  Support  and  Fieldwork Placement

(3) February 2013: Cabin Fever Brunch, Hungarian Club of Toledo, Announcement  of  the  “Young  Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Exchange,”  Toledo

(3) March 2013: Celebration Dinner for Mayor of Hyderabad, Pakistan

(1) March 2013: International Educator Night, Perrysburg Schools, IDEI, BGSU, IREX, 20 Teachers-17 countries, VIP Dinner, Perrysburg

(1) March 2013: Owens Community College, Fulbright Scholar Presentation- Tajikistan, Perrysburg

(1) March 2013: Hosting Forum, Global Connections, 4-H, American Cultural Exchange Services (ACES), Perrysburg

(4) March 2013: Support for U.S.-Indonesia Youth Leadership Program, International Democratic Education Institute (IDEI), BGSU

(4) April 2013: Toledo Sister Cities International Festival

(1) April  2013:    “Empowerment  and  Leadership  for  Young  Women”  Four Delegates and Chaperone, Exchange Program with Szeged, Hungary

(1) April 2013: Not My Life Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion on Human Trafficking, University of Toledo

(3) May 2013: Booth Presentation, Oregon Fest, Oregon, Ohio

(3) May 2013: Farewell Picnic for Fulbright Scholar from Tajikistan, Perrysburg

(2) June 2013: Consulted Committee for International Youth Leadership Program Development/International Day of Peace, American Cultural Exchange Services, Toledo Youth Commission, Toledo

(3) June 2013: Acceptance of Presentation Proposal, National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), International Assembly (IA) Roundtable, Beyond the Common Core: Internationalizing Curriculum Above and Abroad, with International Democratic Education Institute, BGSU

(3) June 2013: Global Education Showcase, Columbus Council on World Affairs, GlobalEd Network of Central Ohio, Columbus